About Us

Apex Environmental operates the 13th largest landfill in the United States, located on 1,825 acres in Jefferson and Harrison County in Ohio. Apex handles municipal solid waste, construction and demolition waste as well as oil and gas waste from the nearby Utica and Marcellus shales. In addition to servicing short and long-haul waste trucks, the landfill’s on-site 10 acre rail yard provides waste-by-rail capabilities allowing the landfill to access waste volumes from significant distances. The Apex Transfer Station located in Belmont County, Ohio, operates as an additional Apex Environmental location that further extends the landfill’s serviceable radius.

Our Mission Statement

We believe in the importance of our team.  We strive to be the employer of choice.  Treat employees with respect, reward successes and discuss failures.  Develop talent through the best training.  Create job ownership with clear lines of communication, job responsibilities and goals.  

We respect our customers.  Provide quick and positive responses to our customers’ challenges and provide the highest degree of service.  Listen to our customers, respond quickly to their needs, provide the best service possible and always say thank you.

We relentlessly pursue the rewards of strict regulatory compliance and the highest degree of safety practices.  Strive to be the industry leader in safety and compliance practices through continual safety and compliance training.  Consistently audit safety and compliance procedures and records.  Listen to our employees.

We always look for ways to improve our company by improving ourselves.  Use everyday to learn something new.  Approach everyday with a positive attitude.  Be energized and energizing and think outside the box.

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